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Dec 13, 2008  |   Gadgets  |   178 Comments

Blackberry Storm Working on Alltel

Well, I ordered a Blackberry Storm on eBay on Friday in hopes of being able to activate the phone on the Alltel network (the Storm has only been released on Verizon in the United States). This might seem unnecessary with the Verizon/Alltel purchase deal looming, but I prefer my Alltel plan to the Verizon plans available, especially with the My Circle feature.

Now let’s just hope Verizon hasn’t locked down the programming menu of the phone too badly and I will be able to program in the Alltel network id and update the phone’s PRL to pick up Alltel’s towers. I will update this post with my progress in the coming days.

UPDATE (12/29/08):

My BlackBerry Storm is officially working on Alltel except for issues with EVDO (1x works fine). I will do my best to detail the steps I took to make the phone work:

  1. Enter the NAM programming menu by typing ##000000 SEND from the phone screen.
    • Mobile Directory Number (MDN) should be your 10-digit number
    • Home SID (check your current Alltel phone programming menu for this number)
    • BlackBerry Registration Id should be 144 for Alltel. To change this setting, press the BlackBerry menu button and choose “Edit BB Reg Id”
    • SIP User ID should be <your mobile number>
    • SIP Password should be “alltel”
    • MIP User ID should be <your mobile number>
    • Push the BlackBerry menu button and choose “Save”
  2. Now that your phone is programmed, you need to have the MEID hex added to Alltel’s system. You cannot use the web-based tool since this is a smart phone. Call Alltel from a different phone and have them add your phone to the system. You can check your MEID hex by typing #4357* SEND.
  3. You will also need a SmartChoice plan with the BlackBerry option added to your account.
  4. Dial *22801 to enter the Alltel OTA programming system and choose the option to activate your phone.
  5. After the phone is activated, dial *22801 again and choose the option to update your phone’s roaming service. This will update the PRL on the phone to Alltel’s latest version, overwriting the Verizon PRL.
  6. To provision the data services on the phone, go to options…advanced options…host routing table, press the BlackBerry menu key, and choose “Register Now”. This should replace your Verizon HRT entries with Alltel entries and you will receive a message from BlackBerry stating that the handheld has been registered with the wireless network.

UPDATE (3/3/09) – Issues with EVDO have been solved by some members of the Crackberry forum. Read this step by step guide on fixing EVDO.

178 thoughts on “Blackberry Storm Working on Alltel

  1. Mark K on said:

    Okay well the lady I talked to at Verizon was very nice and I am happy to say I have everything working except GPS at this point can anyone else confirm the GPS issue?

  2. sammyann on said:

    Hi, I’m ordering the blackberry storm 9530 unlocked off of ebay. I’ve read through this info, but I’m confused. Could anyone give me some step by step instructions onto how to get the phone to work with internet, etc. once I get it? Please!

  3. tucsonMikeM on said:

    I have sofar everything working and update but my PRL always stays at 1 … I called verizon to remove the BB pin and they wouldnt do it. I dont get pic messaging or the internet. I know its probably answered already but could someone explain where I would go from here… Oh yeah would a hard reset wipe out the BB pin?

  4. davidj on said:

    if i have a lost/stolen storm from verizon,will i be able to turn it on alltel?

  5. davidj on said:

    if i have a stole/lost storm with verizon can it be turned on the Alltel network?

  6. alex b on said:

    i was wondering if i do all this stuff will the internet work along with picture messaging? because a friend of mine said it wont work…

  7. Sammy on said:

    I did all the steps, dialed *22801 two different times and and did both options…but when I go to manage mobile connections it still says verizon wireless

  8. davejessop on said:

    Hey does anyone know when you should just be able to activate the verizon phones and still be on altell plans?

  9. lisaq on said:

    I would love to know the answer to that question as well. I have someone willing to trade a Storm for my HTC Diamond and I would sooo love to, but am terrified of trying to follow the steps and bricking the darn thing!

  10. Ian_Greenstein on said:

    I followed these instructions and successfully connected my storm to Alltel. The only thing is that under status, it shows Verizon as the wireless network. Could this be because of the merger or did I screw something up?

  11. Kansascrude on said:

    I have the storm working on Alltel except no browser. When I go to host routing table it says it sent but I never recieve anything. Anyone got any idea on what I can do to get the internet to work

  12. lafave on said:

    My Blackberry registration ID is stuck and 2004 and it won’t let me change it. I can highlight the field, but that is it. Any help?

  13. ethan829 on said:

    So far I’ve done all the programming as instructed, but whenever I try to call *228 or *22801 I get connected to Verizon programming. I tried adding the MEID to my Alltel account, but it’s a prepaid account, so that didn’t help. Should I just call alltel customer service and tell them that I need to switch phones? Any help involving this whole process would be appreciated.

  14. rob_1189 on said:

    hey i got a blackberry storm an its unlocked an fallowed your instruction up to where the phone is being actived but when i go to activate it jus says emergcy calls

  15. frustrated on said:

    So I did all of the things you said, then realized that I ordered a storm 2 I cannot get the data part to work it. Any suggestions or comments that may help me out?

  16. tammara on said:

    sorry to be such a bother, but i bought an alltel lg glimmer and i am on a verizon plan. i need to know how to program this alltel phone with verizon!! any way to manually do it or anything?!!

  17. JOSEPH on said:

    help i still very confused on what to do i would gladly appreciate if someone were to email me detailed step by step instruction on how to do this i really want a BB storm on alltel please help
    my email is:

  18. shastaandbrandon on said:

    can you please give me your email address so you can help me get my verizon storm working on my alltel network? thank you!

  19. Coreyab14 on said:

    I have a question, I just purchased a Blackberry Storm from someone that was on the Verizon network, but they let their service get disconnected. Can I use the phone on my Altell network? If so do I just use all this valuable information that you guys have posted?

  20. efaerie on said:

    where do i get qpst?? ive googled it and found nothing but broken links or one dl site leading to another

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