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Dec 13, 2008  |   Gadgets  |   178 Comments

Blackberry Storm Working on Alltel

Well, I ordered a Blackberry Storm on eBay on Friday in hopes of being able to activate the phone on the Alltel network (the Storm has only been released on Verizon in the United States). This might seem unnecessary with the Verizon/Alltel purchase deal looming, but I prefer my Alltel plan to the Verizon plans available, especially with the My Circle feature.

Now let’s just hope Verizon hasn’t locked down the programming menu of the phone too badly and I will be able to program in the Alltel network id and update the phone’s PRL to pick up Alltel’s towers. I will update this post with my progress in the coming days.

UPDATE (12/29/08):

My BlackBerry Storm is officially working on Alltel except for issues with EVDO (1x works fine). I will do my best to detail the steps I took to make the phone work:

  1. Enter the NAM programming menu by typing ##000000 SEND from the phone screen.
    • Mobile Directory Number (MDN) should be your 10-digit number
    • Home SID (check your current Alltel phone programming menu for this number)
    • BlackBerry Registration Id should be 144 for Alltel. To change this setting, press the BlackBerry menu button and choose “Edit BB Reg Id”
    • SIP User ID should be <your mobile number>
    • SIP Password should be “alltel”
    • MIP User ID should be <your mobile number>
    • Push the BlackBerry menu button and choose “Save”
  2. Now that your phone is programmed, you need to have the MEID hex added to Alltel’s system. You cannot use the web-based tool since this is a smart phone. Call Alltel from a different phone and have them add your phone to the system. You can check your MEID hex by typing #4357* SEND.
  3. You will also need a SmartChoice plan with the BlackBerry option added to your account.
  4. Dial *22801 to enter the Alltel OTA programming system and choose the option to activate your phone.
  5. After the phone is activated, dial *22801 again and choose the option to update your phone’s roaming service. This will update the PRL on the phone to Alltel’s latest version, overwriting the Verizon PRL.
  6. To provision the data services on the phone, go to options…advanced options…host routing table, press the BlackBerry menu key, and choose “Register Now”. This should replace your Verizon HRT entries with Alltel entries and you will receive a message from BlackBerry stating that the handheld has been registered with the wireless network.

UPDATE (3/3/09) – Issues with EVDO have been solved by some members of the Crackberry forum. Read this step by step guide on fixing EVDO.

178 thoughts on “Blackberry Storm Working on Alltel

  1. barry on said:

    Still havent been able to register my phone by dialing *228 or any other configs. Does anyone know the trick to reach alltel tower? And does anyone have a old verizon blackberry with pin and esn so I can change out my device on so I can register on

  2. fi_fi08 on said:

    you guys said that I can’t register the phone’s MEID hex(ESN) online so I have to call the store correct?

  3. barry on said:

    Ok good news, Scott if your out there and everyone else that has patiently responded to my questions, I got verizon to take me off there blackberry server so I may register @ That was tuff but its done. I get a message that says, this device is registered with a diffrent service provider. Is this because I havent dialed *228 or *22800 to register my phone? Is there another way to register?

  4. barry on said:

    Also what if Verizon has taken over the towers in your area? Because I can call a verizon customer for free now! They said the merge has already started. So is this gonna make it hard for me to register. Do I have to drive until I reach an alltel tower?

  5. sheika82 on said:

    Thanks, Barry 4 answering my question. Can anyone help me get connected to the internet and receive pic mail?

  6. isis4149 on said:

    I was wondering about the software that is on the phone when it is purchased. I just bought an unlocked Verizon 9530, and intend to follow your instructions for activating it on the Alltel service. However, I was wondering if I need to flash the phone to make it compatible with Alltel service.

  7. Sarahginter on said:

    I got the storm, and am all set up, changed everything over, but I am afraid to call to have the phone activated. Last time I had to change equipment, they performed the test call on the phone and I’ve tried the *228 and *22800, *22801 without having them add the MEID, and I always get Verizon instead of Alltel. I’m worried that the storm won’t activate and the test call will fail, and I won’t have a phone at all.

  8. bwashington on said:

    hey, I have finally reached a alltel tower to register on *228 and update roaming newwork. My next question is, I tried to send service books to my phone, by the host routing table on the phone, but im not getting a text message that says I have registered with blackberry. So I need some help! Scott you out there buddy? lol! Also when I go to it says my device is registered on another network. But its not. HELP!!!

  9. Sarahginter on said:

    Got the storm working, so my issues with activation were no big deal. Thanks for posting such great info!

  10. tualan on said:

    How did you register the ESN to Alltel since you only know the MEID (Hex) instead of pESN (Hex) which is consists of 8 character. As I know CDMA operator only have the ESN register on to their system not MEID (Hex). when you get into Advance -> status, you only get the MEID not ESN. Perhaps you should convert it first.

  11. jimtanis on said:

    I just got a 9530 storm. I got it activated by alltel, updated the prl, and changed to a data plan. However, I can’t get the browser to show up. When I try to change the blackberry registration ID from 2004 to 144, I click the menu key, select save, and I get no error message, but then I hit the back key, and it gives me an error saying I need to save the data first. Ideas? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks! Jim Tanis

  12. jimtanis on said:

    Got the registration ID changed, but still not able to browse. HOLY KOW! It just started to work! I assume it was the registration ID that did it. I am in 1x mode, but will work on the faster speed now that that is working.


  13. soccerplr27 on said:

    I have a Verizon storm that used to be on Verizon, but I switched to alltel and want to use it on there. I called Blackberry tech support for alltel and she said that it is pulling a verizon registration when trying to get online. Possibly because it was registered with Verizon before. So, now I don’t know how to get it to work on Alltel for EVDO or internet / Data Period. Please anyone if you could help me with what to do that would be greatly appreciated. I have already gone into ##000000 and changed everything in there the MIO and the SIP to


  14. leo on said:

    Question???? Would this work for metropcs? it is also CDMA can I follow all the steps and them replace the alltell info with metropcs’s info would it work?

  15. bwashington on said:

    hey scott why is it that I can make and recieve calls. Send text messages and recieve text. But I cant get service books, no data, no browser nothing. What do you think I have done wrong? Can you help. I followed the steps, but Im one thing short than everyone else! Please help! Im not the only one with this problem…

  16. keymo on said:

    i second bwashington… we have everything working incoming/outgoing calls, sms… but no browser icon, internet, mms. what did we forget and how do we fix this so we can start browsing the net

  17. mmpayne01 on said:

    i’m curious – i’m computer dumb – exactly how easy is it to purchase a Storm on Ebay and use it on Alltel. Keep in mind, i’m computer dumb. I love the alltel service, but i want to upgrade to the Storm.

    Any advice?

  18. jsanders on said:

    mmpayne01 said in March 28th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    i’m curious – i’m computer dumb – exactly how easy is it to purchase a Storm on Ebay and use it on Alltel. Keep in mind, i’m computer dumb. I love the alltel service, but i want to upgrade to the Storm.

    It’s fairly easy. If you’re not confident doing it post your email address and I’ll contact you and try to walk you through it. I did this process yesterday and completed everything in about 20 minutes.

  19. keymo on said:

    hey jsanders ne way you can help me… i have most of it working but needs some tweaks… thank you so much!

  20. duramaximized on said:

    anyone figure out how to make a prl stick to the storm when loaded manually? Using cdma workshop does no good either.

  21. bwashington on said:




  22. kansas on said:

    Hi everyone.. I have one question that I still can’t seem to figure out. My storm is fully functional except for receiving MMS.. I can send pictures to my mom’s phone and she will get them, but I can’t receive them. My internet, email, SMS, and everything else is working fine.. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your help..

  23. nmdotcom on said:

    im currently having the same problem have been searching forums like crazy i have not been able to recieve mms either can send it just fine just cant recieve it maybe it has something to do with the software version i know there are beta releases out there havent tried anything yet any suggestions ?

  24. dontenucci on said:

    also up to speed… my phone fully functional including evdo… calls are fine, sms fine… can send mms fine, but will not receive mms…

  25. nmdotcom on said:

    ya i think it has somethin to do with an update it has to … and this blog isnt very alive maybe start somethin at crackberry to spark some convo

  26. Matt in Arkansas on said:

    I purchased a Blackberry Storm 9530, completed the NAM programming (Step 1 of 6), Step 2 is getting the MEID hex added to Alltel’s system… I can not get anyone to do it!!! I have called Alltel 3 times today, then drove to Alltel store and they did NOT want to do it. They reluctantly agreed to switch the MEID to the Blackberry, but figured that I would be paying $1 per minute roaming charges and other expensive items possibly on the bill. They also said that I would be able to call and that’s about it…no data.

    Do any of you know if it is true that I would be paying roaming charges all the time, etc.? I have spent pretty good money on this phone and now no one will change the MEID for me, and if they do, they are threatening high roaming charges, no data, etc.

    What should I do???

  27. sassylady on said:

    I have a Samsung Delve, I would like to get the BB Storm, what phone do I need to tell alltel I am using to get the numbers changed ( since I do not have a BB Pearl). also I had a palm tero 755p so I have all my information on my labtop will I be able to sync all this information to the storm? I do not use my Delve as a smartphone, I have the connect pak 5 on it. Thanks.

  28. nmdotcom on said:

    you need to call alltel say you have a curve program the phone and get a smartchoice plan and follow the steps in guide above and on crackberry and youll be fine just dont let them know you havet the storm cuase theyll try to deny swtichin your esn over also in one of the threads at crackberry there is someone that will do the esn switch for you but easier to call alltel say you want to switch your current to your new CURVE and act like ur programmin it since you already did then say ok it works

  29. nmdotcom on said:

    @s lady youll need to just say you have the curve and pre program your storm according to the steps above and tell them you would like the blackberry smart plan with your new CURVE but just dont let them kno u have the storm

  30. RAJ on said:

    This is a GREAT Post… thanks so much… Question… If I wanted to get my Alltel BB to work on Verizon… I assume I would take similar steps, but what would be the verizon settings?

  31. mandahlynn on said:

    I’m just wondering… When I call to get them to add my ESN, I shouldn’t activate it then? NO ONE wants to add my number without me activating it! What should I do?

  32. Chuck on said:

    Whenever I called alltel cx service, I just told them I had a MEID I needed to add as I am replacing my current phone.
    No questions asked, I read her off the number, she told me to call *228 and then she called my phone to see if it was working. No questions about me not having a dataplan, no questions about what phone or where I got it from.

    Note: Not all Alltel CX Reps will be this easy, but its out there and just keep trying until you get a friendly one. The phones do work on Alltel, you don’t have to switch ESNs, just Tell Alltel you’re using a new phone

  33. Kenny8375 on said:

    >Now that your phone is programmed, you need to >have the MEID hex added to Alltel’s system. You >cannot use the web-based tool since this is a >smart phone. Call Alltel from a different phone >and have them add your phone to the system. You >can check your MEID hex by typing #4357* SEND.

    If you already have a BlackBerry with Alltel, you can log in to your account, go under account maintenance, and there’s a tab to change phones. There you can enter the new MEID.

  34. Kenny8375 on said:

    Well, forget my previous comment. I went ahead and tried it on Alltel’s page, and it said that the phone was associated with another carrier. So I guess I’ll have to brush up on my nice skills for the Alltel reps to have them change it for me…lol

  35. serapheous on said:

    Is there a thread that has ALL the steps in one post? I’m gonna get a storm if I can get a complete step by step walkthrough. Email is Take any help I can get thanks.

  36. dexter on said:

    So I changed all the info, gave the rep the MEID hex to change, and it all worked. The alltel routing tables are loaded according to advanced options, but it still says it’s connected to verizon network in the connection manager. Is it supposed to say alltel or will it not change at all? Also, the evdo only connects for a minute and then it disconnects and doesn’t come back. Anybody have any advice?

  37. dexter on said:

    Update on my progress, mine is fully functional. With the QPST, i had to add in the (number) username as well as the ESN under the AN tab. Now my EVDO runs smooth. Also was worried about the Alltel system update in my area, but mine updated with ease no problems.

  38. Mark K on said:

    Hey Scott I was wondering how did you know when you tried to setup email that you had it set to verizon and had to have it released. I got an error that stated this Blackberry Device is already registered please login or call Alltel. I did they tried several things until they realized I was on a storm and then stopped.
    My phone was setup on a BES prior and I am wondering if my problem is in the Verizon/Vodafon SIM card which I simply removed or if it is in the verizon system, by mistake. Please let mw know

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