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My wife and I love to travel. During the year and a half we dated before getting married, we traveled together to places like Florida, San Francisco, Peru, and Ireland. Although having kids in school has slowed down our traveling a bit, it hasn’t deterred us from taking at least a few trips every year.

Baby’s first trip abroad — Spain @ 6 months old

Throughout the ten years we’ve been traveling with kids, we’ve come across a few items that have made traveling a little bit easier for us.

Hook-on high chair

Restaurants in the U.S. typically have high chairs for kids, but that’s not always the case overseas. And it’s also nice to have a high chair at the Airbnb. Bringing your own foldable high chair is a travel hack that has saved us more than a few times in our travels.

Ultra compact stroller

Up to a certain age, strollers are a must-have travel item. But many are bulky and cumbersome when traveling. The gb Pockit is the exception. It folds up so small that it can be easily stowed in the overhead luggage compartment of the plane. Stewardesses watch in disbelief as you transform your full size stroller down to a fraction of its original size.

Travel Car Seat

Flying with car seats may be the worst. You’re nervous to check the car seat for fear of it being lost or damaged. You can bring it on the plane, but it’s big and makes it even more difficult to squeeze down the narrow aisle. The WAYB Pico is the best option we’ve found for older, front-facing kids. It folds up and fits into the included bag that can be worn as a backpack and fits in most overhead airplane compartments. It’s quite pricey, but it sure is convenient! For older kids, an inflatable booster seat is inexpensive and works well.

Kid headphones

Anyone who has flown with kids knows you have to keep them occupied. Tablets and inflight entertainment are great options, but getting younger kids to wear normal headphones can be challenging. CozyPhones are both comfy and allow your kids become their favorite cartoon character or animal. And they double as a sleep mask!

Scooter Suitcase

Problem: Kids don’t like to carry their luggage through the airport.
Solution: Kids love scooters!

Combine scooters and luggage and you have this ingenious invention. This travel item gets the most comments from other travelers, most of whom want an adult version for themselves.

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