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In a shocking turn of events, tech mogul Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and is turning it into a bird sanctuary.

According to sources, Musk, who has long been an advocate for animal rights, was inspired to buy the social media platform after hearing about the plight of birds in urban environments.

“I realized that Twitter was the perfect place to create a safe haven for birds,” said Musk. “It’s a huge platform with plenty of space, and it’s already filled with bird-related content. It just made sense.”

Musk’s plan has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising him for his philanthropy and others questioning his motivations.

“I’m not sure how this is going to work,” said one Twitter user. “But I’m definitely curious to see what he does with it.”

Despite the controversy, Musk is moving forward with his plans and is already in the process of converting Twitter into a bird sanctuary. He has hired a team of biologists and ornithologists to help him create the perfect environment for birds, and is even planning to introduce a breeding program to help repopulate endangered species.

“I’m really excited about this project,” said Musk. “I think it’s going to be a great thing for birds and for Twitter.”

Only time will tell if Musk’s plan will be a success, but for now, he remains committed to creating a safe and thriving space for birds on the popular social media platform.