This story is not real. It was 100% generated by an AI with a ridiculous prompt. Enjoy!

A local teenager, Alice Johnson, has made a surprising discovery: she has the ability to fly.

According to sources close to Alice, she first realized she had this ability when she was playing with her friends in the park. She says that she was running and jumping when she suddenly found herself soaring through the air.

“At first, I thought I was dreaming,” said Alice. “But then I looked down and saw the ground far below me, and I knew it was real.”

Since then, Alice has been experimenting with her ability, and has found that she can only fly when no one is watching. As soon as someone looks at her, she loses the ability and falls to the ground.

“It’s a bit frustrating, to be honest,” said Alice. “But it also makes it kind of exciting. I feel like I have this secret power that no one knows about.”

Alice’s friends and family are said to be supportive of her ability, though they admit it can be a bit confusing at times.

“We all think it’s really cool, but it’s also a bit scary,” said a close friend. “We just hope she doesn’t get hurt.”

While Alice is still trying to come to terms with her ability, she is excited to see where it will take her and is looking forward to continuing to explore her newfound power of flight.